16 April 2009

Photography Friday

On certain, undisclosed Fridays, I will publish a few of my photographs, taken in random places. The thought is, what good are they doing just sitting all alone on a hard drive in backup land?

This first round takes us to Athens, Greece—the Acropolis and surrounding areas to be exact. All shots were taken on a Canon AE-1 with Kodak E100VS (slide film), excluding the black and white, of course. Click on an image to get a closer look.

The Acropolis at dusk, taken from the top floor of the Dionysos CafĂ© and Restaurant.

A wide-angle shot of Athens, with Mars Hill in the foreground. 
Shot taken from atop the Acropolis, at the propulaia.

The Parthenon. Its eastern face.

The Acropolis at night, from a balcony at the Plaza Hotel.

Frescoes in the narthex of St. Anthony's Chapel at Moni Kessarianis.


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