12 June 2009

Photography Friday (2)

This second round (see the first round) takes us to not just a place but a person. John Calvin is of course being discussed all over these days (what with this year being the 500th anniversary of his birth), so instead of adding to the talk, how about I offer something visual? All shots were taken on a Canon AE-1 with Kodak E100VS (slide film). Click on an image to get a closer look.

Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève (c. 1843–50) is a library located on the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève in Paris.
It stands on the site of the Collège de Montaigu where Calvin studied in preparation for the priesthood.

Originally a simple security valve at the Coulouvrenière hydraulic factory, 
this water fountain (jet d'eau) has, over the years, grown to be the symbol of Geneva.
It really is quite high, and one can see it from just about anywhere in the city.

Calvin and his buddy Farel, who apparently called upon God to curse Calvin's desire
to study in peace if he did not stay in Geneva and support the cause of reformation.

The (quite out of place) Neoclassical façade of St. Pierre Cathedral
Calvin's adopted home church

The wonderfully Gothic and Romanesque nave of St. Pierre's

I happened upon this taking place, thanks to the sun and a stained-glass window.
The chair in the corner was supposedly Calvin's own, which is suitably austere and practical.


RoverHaus said...

I love all these shots but the last one especially is amazing. It takes an observant and keen mind to pick up on something subtle like this and capture for the rest of us.

Thanks for posting these!

Chris Donato said...

Rover, thanks for your kind words. I chalked it up to dumb luck, but I'll take "observant" and "keen" too!

steve said...

The word that comes to my mind first is "simple," THEN "austere." Very nice pics. They remind me of the chapel at Princeton. I can't decide what would chaff the man more, word-oriented celebrations of him or image-oriented ones. Still, great pics.

Chris Donato said...

Thanks, Steve. Also glad you brought up the irony of images. I think he'd be mortified at all the ink that's been spilled.

Neal Judisch and Family said...


Yes, I agree, these are fantastic, and the last one is especially cool. It reminds me of a chapel not far away from where I live, in which the stained-glass windows (displaying a whole gaggle of witnesses) are arranged in such a way that light and hazy images of saints proceed from them and bathe you as you sit in the pews. That's how you say credo in sanctorum communionem without words.

Thanks for making these available.


Chad Johnson said...

You need to enable followers so I can start following your Blog, dude! This is seriously great (and deep) stuff.

love ya.


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