15 January 2010

Photography Friday (4)

Seattle is one of my favorite American cities. Its surrounding area is one of my favorite American countrysides. This may have to do with the fact that I've only been there while the sky was sunny and the air was cool (early fall). I assure you, it has nothing to do with the fact that my favorite Christian hipster lives around there (it's a cheap shot, but he can take it). What, then, is it about this place? Ernie Pyle sums it up pretty well:
"The prairies are all right. The mountains are all right. The forests and the deserts and the clear clean air of the heights, they're all right. But what a bewitching thing is a city of the sea. It was good to be in Seattle—to hear the foghorns on the Sound and the deep bellow of departing steamers; to feel the creeping fog all around you, the fog that softens things and makes a velvet trance out of nighttime."
When you don't know a city, it's very hard to photograph. So all my offerings today consist of what comes easy—nature (as opposed to grace—the city?). The first four photos were shot in Mount Rainier National Park; the last one in the Olympic National Forest. All of them were taken on a Canon AE-1 with E100VS (slide film). Click on an image to get a closer look.

Here's a picture taken once my wife and I traversed the footpath across a patch
of somewhat-slushy ice (part of Nisqually Glacier?). I'm using "footpath" literally.

A little plot of paradise atop a Cascade bluff complete with a little crik and
incredible vista. The ice we just crossed can now be seen off to the right.

Love how the wind is whipping off the crest of this peak
and what it does with the snow and the clouds.

Driving by and had to stop. Mount Rainier basking
in the September sun. Timing is everything.

A little Photoshop finagling to highlight the fiery orange fungi.


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