22 February 2011

Photography Friday (6)

This next stop in my photography series takes us to Mykonos, tourist destination extraordinaire, and prized cosmopolitan member of the Cyclades, a Greek island group in the Aegean Sea (one of which is Ios, the supposed locale of Homer's gravesite).

Mykonos was just an eye-candy break for us as we were making our way through some of the ancient apostolic routes recorded in the New Testament. It made for some fun picture-taking, though. One memory I have of the place is blowing kisses to an elderly babushka standing on her balcony draped in black; she raised her face toward the sun and held her hands over her heart in response.

Logistically, nothing's new here—all shots were taken on a Canon AE-1 with E100VS (slide film). Click on an image to get a closer look.

Here's a fairly typical Mykonos house, complete with
its whitewashed exterior and popping trim

Similar to that Lake Lucerne tilt-shift photo, this view from the south side 
of the bay in Chora met us as we made our way (slowly) back to the ship.

On some backstreet somewhere, we experienced a car sighting.

Even the sun attends Vespers over here.

And last, but not least, the famous windmills of Mykonos. They go back a
few hundred years and were used primarily for the crushing of
soon-to-be-exported agricultural yields (mostly wheat).


designrehash said...

gorgeous pics! keep it up.

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