09 November 2009

O day most calm, most bright

Heads up on my recent article over at Ref21, which discusses the seventeenth-century Welsh poet George Herbert's poem “Sunday,” with hopes of being led through a contemplation of the joys of worship toward doxology itself. The thing about Herbert is that he embodies the fact that one can be both evangelical and sacramental, biblical and liturgical, reformational and catholic. So, why is he all but unknown?


Teri said...

Hi Chris,

I am glad you will be back at CTC.
I have read some of your articles and I think you are still very fair and balanced.

As you can probably note from the conversation still ongoing under the "Epistemological Modesty", there are "battles" that will not be won because everyone talks and no one listens.

If I'm not mistaken, Ken is a Reformed Baptist (James White, James Swan - Alpha and Omega Ministries).

I'm actually not sure what Reformed faith you are (if it's any of my business). I'm not familiar with all the different groups of Reformed.

My brother in law belongs to a small Reformed group called RPCUS.
They are mainly in the south, hold to the earliest version of the WCF,
are theonomic-dominion post-mil along the lines of the late Rushdooney, Bahnsen, etc.

I didn't even realize that Dr. Sproul's son was near my area of Virginia until recently. But, that's not the kind of reformed my brother in law thinks is orthodox, so I get confused there.

His group doesn't agree with the Reformed Baptist either. He believes infant baptism is essential to the faith, but paedocommunion is heretical.

I've always been on the wrong side since I've known him (over 25 years). Just about the time I could start to understand a bit where he was coming from, they would change again.

Again, your work is very commendable and I appreciate your willingness to even dialogue. My brother in law's group is a "shoot first and ask questions later" kind of group. Now that I say that.... it sounds odd that they would consider themselves the body of Christ.

Jesus on earth shooting those who He "imagines" disagrees instead of talking? He even talked and answered the questions of the Pharisees and others who He knew were trying to trap Him.
Oh well.

Peace be with, my brother in Christ,

Teri said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that your talking about Genesis and Creation is the main sticking point for my brother in law's faith...well one of them.

They spend so much time arguing against anyone that does not understand the earth to have been created in 6/24 hour days that it is part of the essential faith handed down once for all the saints.
My brother in law is a very intelligent man who is a M.D.

It's not that as Catholics we aren't allowed to believe in 24/6 or even Big Bang...only God himself knows because as you show, the original was not meant to be scientific.

This puts my Reformed BIL in the same camp as the Baptist Fundalmentalist here in Virginia, but they would not agree on anything else except the literal interpretation of Creation.

If you lived in this area of Virginia I've lived in for 10 years, you would see how disunity in Protestantism is a Huge problem.
They all attack each other - not in blog world but in real life.


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