10 January 2011

“Against the Law: Milton's (Anti?)nomianism
in De Doctrina Christiana”

After about three years (finally!), my essay on John Milton's view of the relationship between Christians and the (Mosaic) law has been published in Harvard Theological Review. You can find (and read) it here. I haven't been to the local seminary library in a while, so I'm not sure this is on the shelf yet.

Also, I didn't get to do this anywhere in the footnotes, so I'd like to thank Professors Frank James and John Frame, both of whom critiqued early versions of this essay about eight years ago.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . peace
Of Conscience, which the Law by Ceremonies
Cannot appease, nor Man the moral part
Perform, and not performing cannot live.
So Law appears imperfect, and but giv’n
With purpose to resign them in full time
Up to a better Cov’nant, disciplin’d
From shadowie Types to Truth, from Flesh to Spirit,
From imposition of strict Laws, to free
Acceptance of large Grace, from servil fear
To filial, works of Law to works of Faith.

Paradise Lost, XII.296–306

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