Family Matters

(It should go without saying that any of this material ought to be read with a critical eye.)

Articles about facing a non-mutual divorce:

Save Your Marriage Alone
Non-Mutual Divorce: I Do...I Don’t
9 Things You Need to Know About Healing From an Unwanted Divorce
Facing an unwanted divorce
I don't want a divorce
Reconciliation with a Hardened Wife
What to Do When Your Spouse Wants Out
Your Spouse Wants a Divorce. You Want to Stay Married. Now What?
When Your Spouse Wants A Divorce And You Don’t
Help 102: How to Save My Marriage When My Spouse Wants a Divorce?
How to Keep Your Wife from Leaving You
Re-Connections Marriage Coaching
How to Reconcile with a Separated Wife
If God Hates Divorce, Then Why Doesn’t He Restore My Marriage?

Articles about leaving or being left:

How Leaving or Being Left Changes the Emotional Aspect of Divorce
The Leaver or The Left
Leaver vs Leavee: Two Perspectives on the Marriage's End
The Leaver and the Left
On Leaving and Being Left
To the Left Behind Spouse
You Will Survive Being Left
Your Wife Left. Now What?
The Psychology Of Divorce

On ghosting:

The Psychology of Ghosting: Why People Do It and a Better Way to Break Up
9 Times It's NOT Okay to Ghost on Someone (because suddenly disappearing after a great date is only cool if you're a pumpkin carriage)
Why Good People Ghost: The Rise of a Dishonest Dating Culture
The Real Reason You Just Got Ghosted
Is It Harder to Ghost a Relationship or to Get Ghosted?

Articles about custody (some with a focus on dads)

Top Ten Child Custody Questions
Focus on the Family: Custody Issues
A Father's Legal Rights to Child Custody Before and During Divorce
Can my wife take the kids and move to another state?
Understanding What to Expect: Custody Evaluation Introduction
Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody & Residential Parent Status: Who gets the Kids?
Joint physical custody: Is joint physical custody best—or worst—for children?
Working with a Guardian ad Litem
Divorce and the Forced Separation of Children from Their Parents
Child Relocation
Top 10 Things Not to Do in a Custody Case
Five Factors the Court Considers When Relocating Out of State With Children
10 Myths About Shared Parenting Debunked
What Should Be Covered in a Parenting Plan?


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